Submitting course completions to the state agency (Names must match on all documents and other issues)

Periodically we have issues when reporting a student's course completion to their state agency. Reliably these problems fall into a few specific areas.

  1. All names must match between Drivers' License, Social Security Card and Agency License
  2. Some courses require your complete address to match what the state has on record.
  3. Pre-Licensing courses may require your full social security number. We will not store the full number online, and will only request it if required.
  4. Continuing education and Designation courses usually require your Agency Licensing number.
We request all necessary information on the Course Completion Affidavit, Grade Submittal form, or Address Update form at the end of your course.  We do not require any unnecessary information.  If any of the information we have on file is inaccurate we will have to communicate with you to fix the error before we can successfully report your course completion.