To achieve maximum results from your networking efforts, you need to target your market and set goals. This can be a daunting (and for some of you, a boring) task. You need to examine carefully your purpose for networking and then how and when to do it most effectively and efficiently. Most of you have finite time and money to devote to the process in your overall marketing plan. You want it to be as productive as possible.

I’ll help you complete a relationship-building plan, a major tool for your business and career success. It’s one tool that many people never create or use throughout their careers. Yet, ironically, it helps guarantees that the networking process works for you. My suggestion is that you keep this plan handy so you can continue to refine it as you move throughout your career, either at the same company, or as is more likely, as you change jobs or become self-employed.

In this course, you will learn
• Your business/career focus
• Your UO (unique offering)
• How others benefit from your product/service
• Your target market
• Why you network
• Where to find your target market
• Whom you know who already knows your target market
• Whom you want to meet to introduce you to your target market
• The best organizations/groups to join
• What to do after you have joined