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Why homeschool at Classical Learning Academy?

            The Classical Learning Academy at OLT is committed to providing a quality homeschool education for students. Homeschool parents have many curriculum, instructional, and program options which can make it hard to choose a homeschool program. Some of those options include:

  • Distance Education programs enable learners and teachers to interact with each other by means of computers, artificial satellites, telephones, radio or television broadcasting, or other technologies.
  • Correspondence Education is a method in which students work independently in what is known as a “class of one” and submit their assignments or exams to their teachers by mail or e-mail.
  • Traditional Education typically uses prepackaged curriculum with a Scope and Sequence educational philosophy. Their daily and yearly schedules usually follow the 6-7 hour days of institutional settings and a 180 day school year with the summer off. Grading systems like those used in traditional school settings are the norm.
  • Unit Studies Typically this concept integrates studies based on an era, historical event, person, character trait, technological development, or historical person. There are some resources available that guide a parent through pre-designed studies.
  • Principle Approach This is an approach favored by people seeking a strong Christian world view. All of these texts tend to have a Providential view of history.

The Classical Learning Academy provides a unique concept in homeschool programs by integrating the following components:

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