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Classical Elementary (1st Grade - 4th Grade)  

CLA’s language arts program for grades 1-4 embraces the rich content of classic children stories. History is presented in a manner which encourages a personal connection between a child and historical personalities. Children are taught the Scientific Method through relevant science experiments and learn to form their own hypothesis to discover information for themselves.

Daily lesson plans are presented in a user-friendly format enabling parents who are not educators to present the lesson effectively.  Rather than the traditional lecture format, the lesson plans are Socratic in nature; provide leading questions that encourage the student to make discoveries. The lesson plans:

  • indicate the skills and competencies that are being taught
  • provide direction for each day
  • list materials needed for each lesson

Suggestions are given for formal and informal evaluations. Nationally-normed standardized tests are provided each quarter and at the end of the year.

Click here to see a sample lesson plan for Classical Elementary education.

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