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Jan Bradburn has 16 years experience teaching in Florida private schools at the pre-K through high school grade levels. Over 10 years were spent modifying curriculum to meet the needs of exceptional students. She continues to develop curriculum for adult learners in the corporate environment and she is an online instructor for OnLine Training, Inc. She holds a B.S. in Developmental Psychology. Jan is the Headmaster of Classical Learning Academy.


Marsha Lindsey has 37 years of teaching experience in public and private schools in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida. She is a graduate of William Jennings Bryan College and Nova Southeastern University with a M.A. in Education.  Marsha currently teaches first grade in the Orange County Public School System in Orlando, Florida where she also serves on the School Advisory Committee.  She is an adjunct professor at Seminole Community College teaching courses in the Child Development Associate Program.  Marsha is the Director of Testing and Measurement of Classical Learning Academy.

Richard Durr is an experienced homeschool parent when he and his wife not only homeschooled their three children but also founded a private Christian school in the mid-1970's. All three graduated from college and are successful in their chosen fields. The homeschooling experience was influential in leading to his undertaking research in self-directed learning which enables him to write and speak on the topic in various publications and venues. Richard serves as business development and marketing support for CLA. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science, a Master's in Management Science, and a Doctorate in Eductional Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. He is an adjunct professor for Palm Beach Atlantic University. Richard lives in Wellington with his wife. Besides three, now grown, children they have four grandchildren. Richard is the Director of Business Affairs for Classical Learning Academy.

Max Combs is our Educational Technologist. His duties include helping to keep information on the web site current, providing general support for technical issues, and incorporating and maintaining new web technologies as Classical Learning Academy grows. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, with an Occupational Associate Degree in Web Master from New England Institute of Technology. He brings to Classical Learning Academy over 20 years of industry experience tailored to analytical design, problem-solving, and implementation. His unassuming style and professional attitude, combined with a desire for helping others, contributes to the team effort at Classical Learning Academy to get things done. Max joined OnLine Training in 2004.

Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D., is the president and CEO of OnLine Training, and also serves as the founding president of Classical Learning Academy. He has been designing and teaching adult education courses since 1968. Terry is a past W. K. Kellogg Fellow and has a doctoral degree in Adult and Higher Education. He has a Masters in the Psychology of Education and is an honors graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. His research has dealt with adult motivation theory and the origins of self-directed learning readiness. He has specialized in cognitive learning models and is the co-developer of the Honeycutt Redding Cognitive Task Analysis Model. Since 1989 he has been involved in an ongoing series of research projects associated with the development of high self-directed learning readiness.

It is Terry's belief that in our rapidly changing world from time to time situations will occur which will threaten the very existence of humanity. No one can know from where the genuis will come which will permit humankind to confront and defeat such extinction level events. Nor can we know what form the threat will take. Nor can we know from where the threat will come. We only know that it is a certainty that in the future such threats will confront humankind. Thus Terry considers it imperative that we set about educating all of humankind, fostering growth of the human spirit and our ability to understand and manage our environment. Of great significance is the finding that children between the ages of 8 and 15, who become high self-directed learners, typically share a common childhood experience. Dr. Redding has labeled this experience "the first moment of lasting excitement." High self-directed learners who share this common experience can remember some event that has captured their imagination for life. Typically these individuals find their lifelong learning endeavors in some way tied to this "first moment of lasting excitement."

He studied and conducted research in the area of continuing professional education at the Oklahoma Research Center for Continuing Professional and Higher Education. Later, as a consultant he developed a three volume set for the US Army allowing them to prioritize the selection and funding of strategic technologies which will be required in the 21st century. More recently Terry has been the Director of Corporate Training and Corporate Computer Training at Palm Beach Atlantic College. He is the author of numerous referred chapters dealing with adult learning theory. He is the founder of OnLine Training Institute.

Mary Elizabeth Hedgen is a product of homeschooling. She was homeschooled from 5th through 12th grade. Mary Elizabeth graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA and attends college carrying an "A" average. Mary Elizabeth believes in the value of homeschooling and has realized success that has come from being capable of self-directed learning. Mary Elizabeth works as a Student Advisor for Classical Learning Academy. Her main task is to consult with students regarding their concerns about homeschooling and the effects that it has on their lives. Mary Elizabeth is pursuing a degree in Education.



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